Start Making Money NOW While You Create Your Offer.

Without a big list or big launch.

Do you need to generate revenue NOW? 

I get it. You have more ideas than you have time or money to implement. You want to make a big leap in your business, grow an amazing tribe of followers and do the meaningful work you are here to do. 

But, you need to get cash flowing to free up your time, invest in your launches, and get momentum in your business. If you could just get some revenue flowing fast, you can see how you could quickly bring your dream business to life. 

There is a simple and powerful method for getting prospects on the phone and converting them into clients.

This is the system I used to generated my first 5-figures in my coaching business. Many members of our community have also used this system to essentially “pre-sell” their offer such as:

A social media expert that packaged up 4 live webinars and sold 68 spots in her upcoming course.

A tech expert that created support packages and sold 2 for an average $5,000 sale.

What is your revenue goal for the next 30 days?

Set your $$ goal=$6000

Price your offer= $997

Set Your Goal= 6 new clients

Would you LOVE to fill your coaching program, workshop, webinar or the course you plan to create without a big list or a big launch? 

The system is SIMPLE and LOW-TECH (all you need is your personal email and a phone).

Introducing: The 30-Day Course-to-Cash Plan Training


I'll help you name, price, and package a really simple offer designed for your ideal clients.

This could be a series of group or private client calls or live webinars, a package of your services, or one-on-one time. This is a powerful strategy: create revenue while you create your product.

You'll use the 30-Day Course-to-Cash Plan to plan your marketing strategy to get your first clients.

You will have everything you need to start bringing in students NOW so you can fund your next launch and move from feast and famine to leveraged freedom.

You'll create a hot prospect list from 10 different sources.

You can easily do this even if you don't have a big list or following.

You will customize the invite email to schedule "Discovery Sessions," a 30-minute phone conversation that leads your prospects into working with you.

We’ve included examples for you to model so you're able to move fast and create your email quickly.

In the 30-Day Course-to-Cash Plan Training Video, you'll watch me lead the exact conversation you'll be having with your prospects.

Being able to confidently lead this conversation and move your prospect from being interested to committed is a powerful and essential skill in your business. 

Plus, we'll discuss which bonuses to include in your calls to help your clients say "YES."

We'll cover the top four reasons people don't buy and how to plan around this to get to "YES!"


Watch the 30-Day Course-to-Cash Plan Training.

This could be a series of group or private client calls or live webinars, a package of your services, or one-on-one time.

Download the customizable email invite copy.

We've included the exact email copy I've used to fill my own programs using this method. It includes an easy-to-customize three paragraph email that moves your potential prospects into your Discovery Session.

Script your Discovery Session Outline.

You can use the included worksheet to easily script your session so you can feel confident as you are connecting with your prospect. This Four Question model will change the way you approach your calls with potential clients, and it doesn't feel "salesy."

Lead your Discovery Sessions and fill your offer.

This system will give you predictable success when you get on the phone with a client.  

Get Started With Your INSTANT ACCESS 30-Day Course-to-Cash Plan Training Today

$189 or 2-payments of $97

"Using Jeanine’s 30-Day Course-to-Cash Plan™, I closed one deal for $6,400, and another deal for a $4,800 monthly retainer client. Now I can focus on my course and my launch, knowing that my short-term revenue is in good shape."

Matt Sullivan

CEO of TechComm Tools 

"Using Jeanine's launch formula I massively reduced the amount of time I work while doubling my previous revenue. I sold 68 places in my soft launch. The confidence this has given me is phenomenal."

Catherine Trebble

CEO of Support Your Brilliance

Get Started With The 30-Day Course-to-Cash Plan Today:

$189 or 2-payments of $97

"I was targeting just 10 folks at $997 each and I got 15 people to register in a week and a half!"

Rabiah Sutton

CEO of FwdThink

“We started off using the Course to Cash program to fill our first online course to Real Estate Photographers because our sales funnel wasn’t complete. Our first course launched strictly from this program and we filled it with 9 students. This gave us the financial assets to actually create larger launches and better course assets in subsequent courses - exactly as it was designed to do. 

What surprised us so much was when we decided to make Course to Cash our regular pre-launch activity, not only did we produce more profit, but the revised plan for the discovery calls allowed us to make ongoing changes and updates to the course creating a higher success rate.”

Suzanne Feinberg

Creator of Burst Marketing Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have my offer/program/course completed?

No, in fact 99% of the coaches, consultants, and experts who have used the Course-to-Cash Plan did not have their offer created. 

What if I don't have a big list?

That's okay! This program was built to help you fill your course, program, or offer without a big list of contacts. You will leverage the (free) ways we show you to create a list of prospects to reach out to for your Discovery Sessions. 

I have a question about The 30-Day Course-to-Cash Plan Training that isn't answered here.

We would love to hear from you! Click here to send us an email, or send an email to and we will get back to you ASAP.

What if I am marketing more technical expertise rather than personal development? Will this approach work for me?

Absolutely! If you are promoting your expertise and building a business centered around this, the 30-Day Course-to-Cash Plan Training can help you build your action plan and get revenue flowing.